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  • PREP: 10 MINS
  • COOK: 20-25 MINS


I have a serious soft spot for fudge, and butterscotch. This is my favourite go-to recipe, and so far it has proven a universal favourite. It is smooth, caramely and buttery, with lots and lots of vanilla!

1. Making your fudge

  • 495g Caster Sugar
  • 70g Glucose
  • 2 Vanilla Beans (split in half lengthways, seeds scraped out)
  • 275g Butter
  • 490g Cream
  • 3g SaltHave a tray greased and lined with acetate set aside for your fudge.
    Place the caster sugar, glucose, vanilla beans and seeds in a medium sized sauce pan over a high heat.
    Bring the cream to the boil, and set aside. Dice your butter. Do not stir the sugar until it has caramelised, so as to avoid it crystallising. Holding the handles swish the pan to move the caramel as required. Allow the caramel to smoke. Tilt the pan to check the true colour of the sugar. The thin layer on the bottom of the pan should be a good caramel colour – not like a golden syrup.
    When you are happy with the colour, slowly add the butter, mixing constantly and keeping the heat high – so as to emulsify the butter in fully.
    (Take care in the next stage as you add the cream as the caramel is very hot and will spit)
    Next remove the pan from the heat, briefly and add the cream, slowly, whisking to be sure it is fully combined. Add the 2g salt. Replace the pan on the heat and cook it on a med-high heat until it reaches 120C.
    Remove it from the heat and pour it through a metal sieve (not plastic – as it will melt), straight into your prepared tray. Set aside to cool. This will take quite a while until it is fully cold and ready to cut.
  • 1. Cutting your fudge

    Use a long blade, straight edged, knife dipped in very hot water to cut the fudge for neatest results.
    If you would like to wrap some of your fudge in cellophane, just cut your cellophane into small squares 8cm x 8cm. Cut your fudge at approx 2.5cm x 2.5cm. Place the fudge in the centre of each square of cellophane and then fold the plastic over. Twist both ends simultaneously in the opposite direction until you have closed the fudge neatly  and securely inside.


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